Mission 001 : Cafe


Are you ready for your first assignment?

Let me preface this article by saying one thing. This is the only PDA mission available to purchase online. I repeat : This is the ONLY PDA mission zine/ration pack available to purchase online. Future missions are mail-order only. Consider this a generous taste-test. Check into the home base (this blog) to discover new missions.

The Paper Doll Army is an interactive letter-writing project. Troops order ration packs, complete the task, and earn a merit badge. The first assignment takes place at a coffee shop, hence the coffee-themed stationary.

This ration pack includes:
• PDA Zine 001
• Three post cards
• Three matte stickers
• A merit badge.
• A handful of fliers (not pictured).

Ration packs will also include various stickers, distro material and/or photos. The contents of future packs will not be disclosed, but you will be informed of the theme. Depending on the contents of the pack, retail price will range from $5 to $15. Complete the assignments to each merit badges and collect them as you would scout badges. Ready? Pick up your rations today.

Have fun out there.

Until next time.



*I promise I won’t be making cheesy military references throughout this project.

I just needed to grasp your attention.

The Paper Doll Army is a fresh project, a limb off of The Radical Uprise. The PDA is an interactive venture, linking people together from all parts of the world. Paper chains.

This twelve page mini zine gives you a run-down of the basics.

  • What is the Paper Doll Army?
  • How do I participate? 
  • Where do I discover missions?
  • How do I earn merit badges?

You will see very little PDA merchandise to purchase online. Most business is conducted via snail mail, so check back to your home base (here) frequently to discover updates as well as new tasks and missions. This will be one of the few products available to purchase online. Do so in the Storenvy shop. Twelve pages. Printed on beautiful linen paper.

Letter-Writing Boot Camp.

The task is simple : Write one letter a day for thirty days. 

Challenge yourself to write a different individual each day. If you don’t have thirty friends or family members to post a card to, consider the following:

  • A public figure you admire. I’ve been know to send Ellen Degeneres a few of my zines every now and then.
  • A company you admire. They may be pleased to hear from you and send you coupons or free samples.
  • A company you have a bone to pick with. If you had an unpleasant experience, skip the Yelp review and proclaim the old-fashioned, “I’m going to write them a strongly worded letter” cliche.
  • Your city mayor. Get your voice heard.
  • A complete stranger. Read about Hannah Brencher’s love letter project.
  • A prisoner. Anxious about writing your first letter to a prisoner? Great tips here.
  • Seek pen pals. On Tumblr alone, you will find thousands of folks placing ads for pen pals. Browse blogs such as The Place for Pen PalsLetters and Gifts, or Penship.

I consider it a good rule for letter-writing to leave unmentioned what the recipient already knows, and instead tell him something new. / Sigmund Freud

New stationary will soon be in the Storenvy shop. Until then, pick up some buttons to send to your pals. Inspire others to write more letters by taking pictures of your progress, tagging photos #thepaperdollarmy.

Your first mission will be announced soon.